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Summerfest Business Alliance Member Spotlight

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1.) Tell Us Your Story! Tell us about your organization, your mission statement, how, when, and why your organization was founded, and what you are best known for.

Burton & Mayer is a 4th generation, family-owned, commercial printing company that has been in business for 83 years. Since 1938, we have earned a reputation as a trusted resource for the production of high-quality, printed communication pieces. In addition to our high-quality reputation, Burton & Mayer is known for providing a superior customer experience.  It is Burton & Mayer’s mission to use our years of experience and vast knowledge to ensure our customer’s success.

2.) What does the future hold for your organization?    

Burton & Mayer’s priority for the future is to continually invest in technology that produces printed projects faster, with greater customization, while keeping our costs in line with our customer’s expectations. We are constantly evaluating our processes to offer our customers creative options, while positioning ourselves for growth.

3.) Adapting to change - The pandemic has challenged us all to look at how we do business and adapt.  What are some ways in which your business has had to adapt and pivot, and how has that led to success?

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to tremendous change at Burton & Mayer. In order to ensure our employee’s safety, we became much more efficient working remotely, while keeping the amount of non-production staff in the production area to a minimum. Also due to employee’s changing family needs, Burton & Mayer has allowed more flexibility during the workday. Burton & Mayer believes these changes have resulted in greater employee retention during challenging times in everyone’s lives.

4.) Why is it important to your organization to support Summerfest through the Summerfest Business Alliance and what are some of the unique ways in which you distribute your Summerfest tickets?

It is important to Burton & Mayer that we support Summerfest because of the enormous role Summerfest plays in Wisconsin’s culture. Summerfest is an event whose relevance transcends all people, and it is more important than ever, that we do all we can to lift peoples’ spirits as we try to emerge from COVID-19’s devastating emotional and economic impact.

5.) Favorite Summerfest Memories. When was the first time you attended Summerfest?  What is your favorite Summerfest memory?  Which artist would you love to see on a Summerfest stage?

My first memory of Summerfest was a Tim McGraw concert years ago. This still remains one of my favorite memories between the beautiful summer night and the energy of the festival itself. There’s something about the fresh summer air and the magic of so many talented musicians all gathered in one place to share their love for music. One artist I would love to see on the Summerfest stage again would be Mumford and Sons.

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