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Summerfest Business Alliance Member Spotlight

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1.) Tell Us Your Story! Tell us about your organization, your mission statement, how, when, and why your organization was founded, and what you are best known for.

To provide and sustain careers for under-utilized individuals. We take dedication and pride in our integrity, resilience, and our commitment to offer the best experience to our clients and employees.

Our organization was founded in 1997 with a toolbox at hand and a vision in mind.  Our goal is to provide quality products and services that reflect our high level of commitment to excellence, creating value, and meeting the expectations of our customers.

2.) Tell us about your organization’s accomplishments and what you are most proud of.

Our company was started from the ground up, without any systems training, no working capital, no business experience, and no employees. We have now scaled up to be a multi-million-dollar company creating jobs within our community and offering premium services to our clients.

3.) How do you impact your community?  - Tell us about some of the ways in which your organization gets involved in your community.  What are some of the organizations you choose to support, and why is that important to your business and culture?

We help provide jobs for minorities within our community. We have made cash contributions to several organizations, donated painting services, and we also donate much needed supplies to local area schools. We believe in supporting our future, and for that to happen we must offer the proper tools so that our children can get the education they need and grow to be outstanding citizens in our community.

We have supported the following: Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, Lincoln Center of the Arts (MPS), Nativity Jesuit Middle School, Bruce Guadalupe School, Milwaukee School of Excellence, St. Patrick’s Church, St. Adalbert’s Church, and Spiritual Living of Greater Milwaukee, just to name a few.

4.) Why is it important to your organization to support Summerfest through the Summerfest Business Alliance and what are some of the unique ways in which you distribute your Summerfest tickets?

We love supporting the festival all around, but what we love the most is showing support to the local bands and vendors that have been part of Summerfest for years. We love to share the sounds and experience of Summerfest with our employees, family, friends, and clients. We believe in Summerfest just as Summerfest believes in us!

5.) Favorite Summerfest Memories. When was the first time you attended Summerfest?  What is your favorite Summerfest memory?  Which artist would you love to see on a Summerfest stage?

  • I first attended Summerfest back in the 80’s!
  • One of my favorite memories was seeing The Eagles and The Killers (2019)
  • I would LOVE to see to the internationally known and loved, Latino rock band MANA!

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