Newly renovated in 2017 with a completely redesigned stage facade, a new Miller Lite Brew House side stage bar, video screen upgrades new bar areas, expanded hospitality areas, and a reconfigured marketplace area and Summerfest retail store.

  • The new design offers improved sightlines and larger viewing capacity
  • Hospitality areas include Miller VIP Deck (capacity of X) and Level Up Deck (capacity of Y), both with fantastic views of the stage for live entertainment viewing, elevators, private bar, and restroom access
  • Features a permanent stage house with X dressing rooms, X private restrooms, and a satellite office for entertainment and production operations
  • There are five (5) permanent restaurant buildings and X bars within the area
  • Miller Lite Oasis Technical Handbook
Stage Capacity
34’ deep x 72’ wide (depth includes usable space behind the typical stage curtain location; curtain may be opened to adjust the overall stage depth) 11,400