Briggs & Stratton Stage VIP Deck

The Briggs & Stratton Big Backyard Stage VIP Deck is located inside the South Admission Gate. This shaded elevated space features access to private bar and bathrooms along with a seating area with an unobstructed view that won’t take you away from the action on stage.

Venue charge includes the following services and related expenses:

  • Rental of Briggs & Stratton Stage VIP Deck
  • Parking for all guests in Milwaukee World Festival controlled lots
  • A security guard at the main entrance
  • Up to thirty (30) 60in. round tables (linen not included)
  • Up to two hundred forty (240) black garden chairs
  • Furniture setup and teardown for included tables & Chairs
  • Janitorial & maintenance supplies, rubbish removal, utilities, grounds crew
  • Electrician services up to $500 if needed

Other Venue Information

An Operations Manager from our venue will be assigned to your account to help coordinate your planning efforts with our venue staff and contractors. Additional event planning resources are available.

Food catering will be provided by Saz’s Hospitality. A menu and quote will be developed for your event. Milwaukee World Festival will manage the beverage service for the event.

Other charges for this venue footprint can include but are not limited to, sound & lights, stagehands, additional electrician services, additional table & chairs, forklift & boom lift rental, video. We can provide you our exclusive and preferred vendor list anytime.

Milwaukee World Festival, Inc. is grateful for the opportunity to play a role in making your event a success. Contact us today to get started:

Kevin Canady
Director of Corporate & Event Sales